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    Not sure where to post feature requests for the newer 2.4.x releases, but I would like to have my pfsense box send email alerts for critical events such as high CPU Usage, temperature, and excessive network traffic so I can properly protect my network. Seems like all the abilities are already there in display format, just not in an email notification format. I am already running a cron script I found to detect excessive temps, but this should be a built in feature, it seems to me. Couldn't find one for CPU usage.

    By the way, what email alerts does PFsense send. Couldn't find any info on that.

    I am considering using the commercial PFsense for my clients, but it is not wise to do if there is not an adequate notification system. With 100+ clients these systems have to notify me when there is an issue poping up. Can't monitor them 24/7

    Any thought on this?

  • From an ancient post on this forum (search for "munin") I was able to install a munin node package for FreeBSD.
    This was way back…. and its still working great today - especially after all these updates last several years.

    The munin-server - for me some dedicated server some where on the net - collects the data. This server can be loaded with all kind of triggers, and send mails if needed.

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    Agreed, with 100+ clients you should seriously use SNMP and some centralized monitoring tools. LibreNMS would be a good and easy start.

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    Sorry if I mislead. I have 100+ clients. none so far with PFsense. Thinking of using PFsense in the future, but not until I can implement a decent notification system.

    Would rather have a PFsense plug-in monitor system with a GUI. Linux isn't my thing. Don't mind a simple cron script, but beyond that I would not want to get involved. Neither would most small companies using Netgate products.

    I just think that PFsense should have this feature built-in.

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    Well there's no such thing plus it'd be very much unmaintainable with 100 clients. Setting up the same thing 100 times is just absurd.

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    Not sure I follow. If the notification was setup then I would just get an email from the problem system. I wouldn't be dealing with 100 systems just the one with the issue.

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    The problem is that scales horribly and relying on nodes to self-report such things is unreliable. A central monitoring system that handles all of the tracking and notifications is best. There are many network monitoring system (NMS) distributions out there to choose from. Don't reinvent the wheel, it's already a (mostly) solved problem.

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    Doesn't seem productive to setup an entire system in house just to monitor a couple of sensors. I already have network monitors setup using outsourced free services that email me when there is a network outage. Now if your recommendation has free services like that which can do this, I am all ears and need a guide on how to implement it.

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    If you're operating as a business with 100+ clients relying on free services to monitor them, you need to rethink what you find "productive".

    Do it right the first time and it will be easy to scale it up.

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    All my clients are very small and non-profit companies who do not have the money or resources which is why I am looking at PFsense in the first place. Believe me, if there was real money available PFsense would not be my choice as a firewall. I just have to assume this cannot be done within PFsense or using free outsourced services.

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    LOL. Applies to most things.

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