Forcing OpenVPN to use multiple DNS servers

  • Hi Guys,

    So i'm quite new to pfSense and OpenVPN and I'm trying to get pfSense to use 2 DNS servers, one internal another external. I am only managing to make one or the other work not both. I really need both. Any ideas on how to achieve this? I have tried endless googling but I haven't quite found someone with the same issue.

    Any experts please?


  • Welcome Steve & congats on your first post.

    What DNS servers are you pushing to clients (on your server config)? There are 4 fields (at least on mine) that you can specify.  I haven't tried it as I don't have a need for this but, I expect that if you filled out the 2nd field, the DNS server will be pushed to your client.  It's still up to the client device (Mac, PC, whatever) how it uses that info. Some may react differently than others. I know Macs are particularly beastly when it comes to DNS as they have abstracted away many of the standard mechanisms in favor of proprietary mDNSResponder-type sorcery.

    Maybe if you describe your issue in more detail we can help.