Suricata - SID Mgmt sample files missing

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    I have no sample files in the SID Mgmt. This is from a fresh install of 2.4.0 and the files are all missing. Is there a repository where I can get them?

  • The following files should be in the location given:


    They are included in the package manifest.  Do you by chance have the /var partition on a RAMDISK?  If the package installed successfully, the files sort of have to be there.  If they are not, then something happened out of the ordinary during the install.  As for standalone copies, they are packed inside the package file and not easily downloadable as separate files.

    Why don't you try removing and reinstalling the package?  You won't lose any configuration information so long as the "Save Settings" box is checked on the GLOBAL SETTINGS tab (and that box is checked by default).


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    Reinstalled the package and the files are now there. Thanks

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