CaptivePortal Problem Bandwidth with Squid Cache Server

  • Hello to friends
    I've enabled PF Sense, CaptivePortal, along with FreeRADIUS, and I've defined a number of users in FreeRADIUS with bandwidth constraints.
    I've also enabled SquidCache.
    So far everything works right.

    The problem is that if I download a file such as 100 MB, then this file is stored in the Squid cache, and if I download the same file from another system, I will download it from the Squid cache, but the point This is where the bandwidth I defined for FreeRADIUS user receives the file and gets very slow.

    For example, I have defined a bandwidth of 400Kb / s
    The user with the same bandwidth can download the file from the cache.

    Is there any way that CaptivePortal can download it from a cache that is internally downloaded at an unlimited speed and only put bandwidth on the WAN?

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