[Fixed] captive portal loging to much Acct-Output-Octets

  • Hei there,

    I'm using a current version of pfSense together with a captive portal. The captive portal is using a freeradius 2.2.8 server installed on an ubuntu 16.04.
    freeradius is getting its data from an MySQL database.

    My problem I have atm is that the Acct-Output-Octets, and Acct-Input-Octets in my database are much to height.
    For eg. when I download a ubuntu.iso with about 1,5 GB download shows about 15 GB after some time (tho I'm not a hundred percent sure if its just the point which is of by one digit).
    I'm not sure if this is a problem of freeradius or pf captive portal, also I don't know how to debug this correctly.

    rgds Schabi

  • FreeRadius 2 is about the be abandonned very soon.
    Look at the package list : it's "FreeRadius 3" now.

  • I see. So in other words PF captive portal is not compatible with freeradius 2 anymore. Is that right?

  • It's more a support issue.
    And true, the package will fade away, and dropped from the available package list in the near feature as soon a major pfSense pop up (like : next week or earlier : version 2.4.0).

  • the package will fade away
    which package? Are we talking about the freeradius package in pfsense.
    If so, again: I'm not using freeradisus installed on pfsense itself, I'm using a seperate ubuntu server installation which runs the RADIUS.
    freeradius 2.2.8 is the current package in the ubuntu 16.04 LTS there.

    It's more a support issue.
    Is this related with my current problem?

  • All right, I found out that radius mode of captive portal was on start/stop instead of Interim.

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