Port Forward and OpenVPN help

  • Hi all

    I have just signed up for TorGuard because they offer port forwarding - i'm behind a NAT ISP so cant port forward using them.

    Problem I have is I have no idea as to what I am doing now.  I have managed to get port forwards working in the past and tried wit the VPN service but its not working.  The VPN is working - I can see y IP change to an address at the exit point I have selected.

    TorGuard have forwarded ports for me but I can't see my server in my LAN.

    Is there anyone that offers a service to fix these sort of issues - netgate want 950 for a years subscription - yeah, I'm not rich sorry and this is just a home install.

    Any help, guidance or offers?


  • Nothing?

    No one is wanting to be paid for work either.

    Is it even possible?

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