HAProxy Service causes System Log Spam

  • Hi,
    I use HAProxy for subdomains, so I can access some Webinterfaces from outside via these subdomains. Everything is working but when the Service is running my System Log General is spammed with this message every second:
    router.celik.home nginx: 2017/10/08 01:24:01 [error] 41728#100102: accept4() failed (53: Software caused connection abort)
    Where celik.home is my domain that I set under General Setup. I think pfSense is using nginx for the domain and somehow there is a conflict with my HAProxy domains. Can anybody explain this?

  • I got it, the problem was that I created a subdomain in HAProxy that lead to the pfsense WebGUI and HAProxy does a health check every 1000 ms by default. All I had to do was disabling the health checks for the backend.

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