OpenVPN VPN seems to work with only one IP?

  • Hi Everyone.
    Im not an expert in VPNs and network and im trying to get a VPN to work for our company emplyees.
    Long story short: We have a Pfsense box running as our company firewall. I currently have a VPN Server for OpenVPN setup and everything works for all our clients. But for a few diffrent reasons, im setting up a new domain (new DC, new forest) and im trying to get VPN to work in for the users in the new domain.

    Just to be 100% clear. I have a working OpenVPN server for the old domain.
    But i setup a new OpenVPN server using the wizard. Exported the client config (+cert). I compared the new and old configurations and everything looks good. And i got it to work when i tested it. However when the next user tried to logon, the connection succeed and everytjing looks fine, but he cannot access anything. He get an IP from the tunnel network and the DNS is correct, but he cannot ping anything.

    After some troubleshooting, it looks like it works if you get the adress (witch is the first adress in the range). If you get any other adress, it wont work. If yo are the first one to connect, you usually get the .2 adress, and its working. But if you logon s number to, and get the .3 adress, it wont work. And if the firstone disconnects. It still wont work for the .3 adress. But if yoy disconnect, and connect again, and get the .2 adress, it works! I have checked the logs from when you connect and it works, and when it doesnt, and the logs on the client are exactly the same.
    Im a bit lost and i cannot figure out what is wrong and i would apppritiate your help.

  • There's a "Concurrent connections" setting on the OpenVPN page.  What's that set to?

  • The old one (that works) is set to 40. The new one is set to 100.

  • A quick update on this. I disabled my new config and created a new one from scratch. This time it works the way i want to. I have no idee what happend with the old one…