Question on pfBlockerNG, IPv4 Alias

  • Hi all,

    I'm trying to use pfBlockerNG to create an "Alias Native" to match IP addresses.  From what I've found Aetna's ASN is AS6646.  This is the page for AS6646 at ipinfo

    In the "IPv4 Lists" I have Format > Whois, State > On, Source > AS6646, Header/Label > Aetna

    I have several other entries using a similar pattern.

    When I switch to the update tab and run an update I get the following in the output

    [ Aetna ]		 Reload . completed ..
      Empty file, Adding '' to avoid download failure.

    All other IPv4 entries that use a similar pattern, e.g. Netflix, work just fine.

    Can anyone help me understand why AS6646 isn't returning any information?


  • Moderator

    The ASN feature utilizes the RadB registry, and it seems to not report any IPs for that ASN…

    mwhois -h \!gAS6646

    You could copy the IPs manually and enter them into a customlist:

    In the past, you could add the URLs to the pkg and let it collect the IPs automatically, but HE has banned all automated tools from scraping their site…

  • Thanks for your help BBcan177.  That explains it!  Sorry for taking so long to respond.

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