OPENVPN with Virtual IP

  • Dear all,
    I have a Pfsense up and running on a hardware 8GB memory/60SSD disk /i5 CPU

    I have 4 IP from the ISP till 94

    The current IP of the Pfsense WAN is with is handing out the traffic and also having a DNS pointing to the that IP.
    Firewall rules are configured to NAT port 443 to the internal Exchange which is
    Now we have a second server which need port 443 accessible from the WAN.
    So we added a virtual IP on the Pfsense and pointed  the Public DNS name of that machine pointing to the IP and used 1:1 Nat to the internal second server.
    We have already configured OPENVPN on the WAN side of the PFSENSE 20.5098.90 which is working fine with internal RADUIS however after we use 1:1 NAT the VPN server stops working. After we delete the 1:1 NAT the VPN server start working.
    On the WAN side we have created a rule to allow https/http to the internal servers however its only allow one server to be accessible on the port 443.

    Can someone please advise what am I doing wrong ?

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