Port alias not showing in autocomplete

  • Hello All,

    I am having an issue with creating a firewall rule. I created a port alias with all the ports I'd like to allow from the LAN_net out to the internet. The alias seems to have been saved and I apply the change. When I try to create a firewall rule for LAN, I select for the destination "Single host or alias" and try typing the alias name in the field to the right, it does not autocomplete. If I try typing the name of the alias and save I get the error "The following input errors were detected:      lan_out is not a valid destination IP address or alias.". I see other aliases come up if I type just single letters that are part of the other aliases name but not the one I created. The other aliases that come up are ones that have been created by pfblockerng when I set it up.

    Am I missing something while creating the alias? Any help or direction is appreciated. Thanks.

    Oh yeah. A screenshot is attached.

  • I think you are "…missing something..."!

    You need to put the alias you created for your ports in the "Custom" fields(next line down on your screen shot)....you selected "Other" with the ports which is correct.

    In the field where you tried to enter your alias, leave it blank. Instead of choosing "single host or alias" choose the "Lan Address".

    Hope that helps you...


  • Thanks V3lcr0,

    That is what I was missing. Either it wasn't mentioned in the guides I followed or I completely missed what field the examples were showing.

    Thanks for the input.

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