Problem getting FRR to filter routes as expected

  • So I've been banging my head against the wall the last few days trying to figure out how to get incoming BGP routes to be filtered out by FRR.

    I've configured a prefix list & route map and linked it to the neighbor, with the route map in place and matching against the prefix list I don't get any routes from the peer even though the one route I expect to see falls in one of the ranges specified in the prefix list.

    Below is the relevant sections of the config file showing what I've done.  Any suggestions or pointers would be much appreciated.  The documentation on hasn't been any help unfortunately and neither has any of the searches I've done on the Internet.

    Snippit from Zebra.conf

    ip prefix-list RFC1918 seq 5 permit ge 21 le 24 
    ip prefix-list RFC1918 seq 10 permit ge 21 le 24 
    ip prefix-list RFC1918 seq 15 permit ge 21 le 24 
    ip prefix-list RFC1918 description Permite Addresses defined by RFC1918
    ! Route Maps
    route-map DefaultInBound permit 5
      match ip address prefix-list RFC1918
      on-match next
    route-map DefaultInBound permit 10
      set origin egp

    Snippit from bgpd.conf

      ! BGP Neighbors
      neighbor remote-as XXXXX
      neighbor update-source XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX
      no neighbor send-community
      neighbor soft-reconfiguration inbound
      neighbor route-map DefaultInBound in
      neighbor advertisement-interval 5
      neighbor capability dynamic
      neighbor maximum-prefix 10 80

    Note: This config is being managed through the "Raw Config" section of FRR settings.

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