Ping LAN resource from VPN client

  • I can’t ping from is the VPN client – It is connected and got TUN IP address from tunneling network is a local computer on the LAN interface (

    This is my first OpenVpn server on PfSense.
    I guess that I am missing something basic  -  Could anyone point me in the right direction to setup my OpenVpn server for this ???
    I want to be able to ping from 192.168.34.xx (tunnel)  to 192.168.33.xx (LAN) ..

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Can you ping the LAN interface address on the 192.168.33.xx network?

    If so, check the local firewall (think windows firewall) on the destination host address you can't ping.

    Did you add pass rules on the OpenVPN group tab to pass the traffic?

  • Thanks!

    Windows firewall…  Should have guessed..
    Now ping and Windows remote desktop from VPN client to LAN is working  :)

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