PfSense Routing to the Wrong IP.. By Itself?

  • Hello! So I've got a GRE setup from my public facing GRE connecting to my home network, to hide my real IP from my game/voice servers.

    It works great on one server VM, it goes to perfectly and everything work smoothly. But there's one VM ( that it wants to avoid, by itself for no reason, pfSense sends the traffic to which isn't even an IP on my network.

    This is supposed to be (Blanked out IP is my home IP, why does it redirect to my home IP?? Second picture is how it should look)

    This is going as expected, the blanked out IP is my IP on the first picture, but on this it directs it through the GRE IP properly. What's this?

    Front facing GRE WAN Rules

    My home pfSense setup

    People can connect via the public GRE IP, but it tunnels to my network and when they join the server, it exposes my real home IP when it shouldn't. Why's it doing this? Thank you!

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