Unable to access new VPN devices over openvpn server

  • We have pfsense 2.4 installed at our datacenter and running a openvpn server to get access to our private network at the DC. The private network is and the VPN is setup to access that.

    We've recently added some new devices but we're unable to access these devices once connected to the VPN server. We also cannot see any traffic when going into states for these IP's. We're able to access IP's - and - (these were setup pretty much when we setup pfsense the first time around) however the new devices (consisting of IP's - cannot be accessed when connected to the vpn server.

    We however can access these devices from machines on the local private network indicating that the network for these devices are operational and working. I'm not too sure how to best troubleshoot so looking forward to some useful insight :)

    Steps taken thus far:

    1. I have restarted the VPN service and reloaded the firewalls for both WAN, LAN and openvpn
    2. We've recently upgraded to 2.4 which also triggered a restart of the firewall (so the firewall has been restarted).

    Thank you in advance!

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  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    So these new devices are pointing to pfsense as their gateway?

    Do they have host firewalls on them that could be blocking your tunnel network..

    Why you should think its pfsense preventing access to devices on a network it allows access to seems a grasping at straws sort of thing without even basic troubleshooting.  Do you filter your vpn traffic to allow only access to specific IPs?  If not pfsense has nothing to do with the problem.

    Does pfsense have the mac address of these new devices in its arp table.  Can pfsense ping these devices from its interface in the network?