OpenVPN Export Contains Virus?

  • Yesterday i installed PFsense to test OpenVPN and Pfsense.
    I did install an extra package  so i could export the windows OpenVPN config.
    The installed package is : openvpn-client-export
    When i tried to download the setup my virus scanner said it containt a virus.
    The virus scanner used is Sophos antivirus
    I have also uploaded the EXE to TotalVirus to scan if there is anything in the EXE.
    Most came out clean only these 4 reported something :

    CrowdStrike Falcon (ML) malicious_confidence_80% (D) 20170804
    eGambit                         malicious_confidence_98% 20171016
    TheHacker                         Trojan/wGet.fv 20171015
    TrendMicro-HouseCall         Suspici.8DDF82CA 20171016

    I stopped using the windows version for testing and continued with the Andriod Version.
    Now i am not sure if this the correct place to report this, i could find an older post aswell about this from 2016.

  • False positive, report to the vendor of the virus scanner you used. The value of such products is very questionable as well, the constant cat and mouse with the real viruses/malware and scanners has caused AV vendors to go completely overboard on the side of extreme caution and they will flag any executable that makes changes to the routing table (OpenVPN relies heavily on the ability to alter the routing table of the system) or other system internals as a potential virus or malware.

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  • Thank u for the answers.
    That specific scan isnt the 1 made by me.
    I got the OpenVPN working without the extra software package that is installed.
    And un-installed the package.
    I will contact the vendors aswell with a mail asking what they can do about the notification.

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    There is no extra software package.. It bundles up the EXE from openvpn along with the config file.. There is nothing "extra" added..

    You can just extract the exe the export package puts together and see exactly what is in there.. Its your config and the exe from openvpn for the windows installer - just like you download from them..

  • You don't have to use the OpenVPN installer that comes from the export package if you don't trust it. You can instead download the installer directly from the OpenVPN site: