Can I Install pfsnse along with my Squid proxy Server?

  • Using Fedora 7,i386 OS with Below listed applications.

    Squid Proxy
    iptables firewall
    NAT Gateway
    Port Address Translation.(PAT)
    SARG (Squid Analysis Report Generator)

    Now,I want  to use "pfsense" firewall for my Office. So,what are the possibilities to install it? See Below.

    1. I want to use "pfsense" along with my existing Squid Proxy Server.
    2. I want to install & use "pfsense" firewall onto another new Computer Hardware. The Squid Proxy will work inside the "pfsense" firewall.

    Tell me is it possible to install on both ways?

    Is "pfsense" available Free Of Cost?  Is it belongs to Open Source?

    Please Reply,

    Nishith N.Vyas.

  • pfSense is not based on Linux, but on FreeBSD. Similar to its mother operating system it is released under the BSD license and therefore completely free to use. As squid is a package on pfSense, I suggest to make a fresh install on your PC and dump your current Linux system.
    Then, you will be able to use your second version, i.e. pfSense including Squid.

    Honestly, after using pfSense and FreeBSD for some time, you will never ever install Linux again on any of your PCs :-)

  • Dear Friend,

    Thanks for the help.

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