OpenVPN bad routing after 2.4 upgrade

  • I upgraded from 2.3.4 to 2.4 (working VPN service running on subnet, and then promptly lost internet access.

    After looking through the configuration, I noticed a route had been generated for destination gateway, meaning all traffic was attempting to be routed through

    I disabled the OpenVPN server and rebooted, and the route no longer existed.  I reenabled the OpenVPN server and the same behavior popped up with the same route.

    I then deleted the OpenVPN server, verified the route did not exist, then recreated the VPN server.  The same route popped up and internet access again was broken.

    Thoughts on what might be happening?

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    Your OpenVPN server is misconfigured?

    You're going to have to post more info. There are thousands of OpenVPN servers that aren't doing that.

    Start with the OpenVPN Server configuration screens I would think.

  • Config attached (pre-save)

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    OK how about your routing table after that server is created?

    Feel free to PM if it makes you more comfortable.

    netstat -rnfinet

    Or Diagnostics > Routes

  • Thank you for your help!

    Attached - before, and after.

  • I also misinterpreted the /1 as a /24 when I was looking for the, so my original statement was incorrect.  Still, no internet when this routing is active.  :(

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    Those are not placed by an OpenVPN server but by an OpenVPN client connecting to a server. Did you assign an interface? Add outbound NAT?