SG-1000 setup catch-22

  • My SG-1000 was delivered today.  ;D

    So now I'm trying to set it up.  The first thing the quick start guide suggests is "Before configuring the pfSense appliance it is best to activate the bundled Gold by following the instructions at"  OK, fine, so I guess I'll register first.  I click on "Register Your Device".  This sends me to the "Support Bundled Gold Subscription"  ( page.  OK, so far, so good.

    I entered all my info on the support bundle page.  The last line is "* Netgate Device ID/For free access".  My first guess was serial number–Nope.  My second guess is MAC address--Nope.  So I do a search on the forums here for "Device ID".  Fortunately, someone else had the same question I had.  According to the answer (found here: "You must provide the Netgate Device ID (NDI) from the dashboard of the firewall GUI. The NDI is displayed in the System Information widget.

    In other words, the device ID is given on the configuration screen once the SG-1000 is already set up.  But "it is best to activate the bundled Gold" "(b)efore configuring the pfSense appliance".  Huh?

    I think I'm walking on a Moebius strip, here.  :o  ::)  :P  ;D

  • You don't need them to configure the thing.  That was probably put there to spur you to register before you forget to while playing with the new toy  :)

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    Pretty sure those docs where created before the whole NDI thing came about..

  • Well… I second that statement from TNAndy. I paid horrendous custom duties and received my SG-1000 on august 22 and I still remember being frustrated, at that time, by the same issue (and the custom duties). Unwilling to goof on the setup, I bravely believed the Gold data would provide me with crucial information that I should not miss (which belief proved later to be wrong). Ultimately, I ended up configuring the SG-1000 first and registering for Gold second. Newbies are not like experts on this front. Experts cannot be confused, newbies can, which can tilt the scales in favour of other devices, like the Ubiquity one.

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    Thanks for the input, we appreciate it! We will fix it!

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