PfSense 2.4 RC Snapshot 02.10\. ISO needed

  • Hello @all,

    I have updated my cluster to the 2.4.0 Release and now i have big troubles with my configuration and it is no running stable. Before i updated my cluster, i used 2.4 RC snapshot from 02.10. and everything went fine.

    I would like to downgrade but i can't download this snapshot version and i also can't find any download source for this version. Can some please help me? I realy need this ISO file.

    Thank you in advance.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You're unlikely to find an older snapshot image and if you do, you shouldn't trust it.

    If you describe the problems you are having in more detail, perhaps we can help you resolve them.

    Or try a 2.4.1 snapshot which should address most issues that have come up thus far.

  • That is not the answer which i was hoping to hear. :-\

    1.) The most important problem is, that i can't make any changes at the interfaces without rebooting the firewall. I'm using VLAN's on a LAGG. Evertime i'm changing something or if i'm creating a new interface, the network connection to the firewall gets lost and i have to reboot the firewall over console menu.

    2.) I can't use pfBlocker at the moment, because Webinterface and console menu crashes. I have uninstalled the package but webinterface and also synchronization still crashes and i have to restart PHP-FPM to get it working again.

    3.) Limiter again doesn't work right with transparent proxy. This problem was solved in 2.4 RC.

  • I have pfSense-CE-2.4.0-BETA-amd64-20170117-1831.iso.gz here I could put on my server for you if that would help..  But standard "Im not responsible" clause applies here..

    Hopefully the issues your seeing can be diagnosed and figured out with you using the release version..

  • Hi,

    that would be nice. Please send me a link where i could download it.

    Thank you in advance.

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