Full Cone NAT & Port Restricted NAT for VOIP communication in pfsense.

  • My Existing Firewall is running onto Fedora Linux 7,i386. I am using "iptables" for all type of security as given below.

    Port Address Translation.
    INPUT Block
    OUTPUT Block
    FORWARD Rule Block

    Squid is running onto Same Firewall Computer.

    My company is working onto VOIP products & to test VOIP phone over internet,they need "Full Cone NAT" & "Port Restricted NAT".But, I haven't implemented "iptable" rules for VOIP on my existing Firewall.

    Now, I have a plan to differentiate my Internet line with VOIP Line.I have two internet connection with two WAN IP Address. So, internet users will use my existing Firewall & for VOIP NAT & Data Transfer,I want to Use "pfsense" firewall.

    So, I would like to know that "Does pfsense" can give me VOIP NAT Rules & Data Communication?" If the answer is Yes,then "pfsense" is stable & can handle VOIP calls without any interference?

    In Short,I need VOIP Supported NAT on "pfsense". Is it possible?

    Kindly Reply,
    Nishith N.Vyas. :)

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