After 2.4 Upgrade: Squid agonizingly slow

  • I did an upgrade to 2.4 this morning (from a RC from around August) on an APU. Now I'm having massive problems with squid. Without squid I get download and upload speeds as expected (approx. 90 and 30 Mbps). When using squid any browsing becomes practically impossible. Actually the browser is able to make some connections, but a speedtest shows "0" kbps. That's also how it feels like in the browser.

    Squid is running without transparent proxy and there is no MitM configured. The caching is configured according to defaults. I have no Antivirus configured, Traffic Management is disabled.

    I also have squidguard installed but I assume it does not cause trouble: Disabling squidguard does not help. I have Traffic Shaping but it does not impact download speeds when squid is not used.

    Any advice on this please?


  • Lacking any sensible clue I ended up iterating through all options.

    Forcing resolution of IPv4 DNS lookup first seems to have solved the issue (option "Resolve DNS IPv4 First").

    However I do not understand why and what was actually changed since August (2.4 RC version from mid August). I did not have this setting enabled before …

    Any insight regarding this?