Barnyard2 error with Suricata inline mode

  • Suricata and barnyard2 have been working very well for me until switching to inline mode. When I start barnyard2 in inline mode I get the following error:

    FATAL ERROR: [ParseSidMapLine()], File [/usr/local/etc/suricata/suricata_3702_em3/], Error in map definition [1 || 1000001 ||  || NOCLASS || 0 || Pass List Entry - allow all traffic from/to] for value []

    Any thoughts on how I can fix this?

  • Looks like you have a custom rule for a Pass List, but Barnyard2 does not like the fact it is missing some fields.  The hint is the blank space between pairs of delimiters (the double pipe symbols).  You need to look at all the other entries  and add the missing metadata to your custom rule.


  • Thanks. I was able to fix this by setting the Pass List option to none. Inline mode was not working with my NICs until the latest update so I think the Pass List setting carried over when I made the switch from legacy to inline.

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