Nest Delay Pools

  • At the moment, I'm using a Class 2 pool. I'd like to set-up delay pools so that different hosts will have different restore/maximum buckets, but all hosts are limited by the a singled unifed bucket. I'm not exactly sure how to do this and requesting suggestions. If the following is pasted into "Custom Options (Before Auth)" would it work as expected?

    acl allsrc src all
    acl big_buckets src
    acl sml_buckets src

    delay_pools 3
    delay_class 1 1
    delay_class 2 2
    delay_class 3 2
    delay_parameters 1 154125/40000000000000
    delay_parameters 2 -1/-1 125000/2250000000
    delay_parameters 3 -1/-1 125000/4500000000
    delay_access 1 allow allsrc
    delay_access 2 allow big_buckets
    delay_access 3 allow sml_buckets

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