• pfSense OpenVPN Client:

    OpenVPN software-server

    88.XX.XX.XX (public static IP)
    GW: 88.XX.XX.XX (ISP gw)

    On the Windows-Servers network adapter, I have as an "additional"/second IP in Windows (only one gw on each adapter).

    I can ping and in both directions and I see that the tunnel is up.

    I can ping between and on the remote network (again, no gw defined).

    I have NOT set any gateway on the 10.130.X anywhere and I'm confused how to proceed. From my limited experience, I need to put a gw on the tunnel (so the signal finds the way back). I tried to put push "" command on both server/client to be and This way, the signal should be able to respond back. Is this correct?

    My goal is to ping the two remote computers