Gta V Online (PC) - How to get Nat Type Open?

  • Hello, i have seen diffrient threads in here touching the same subject kind of but most of the information i find is about consoles or tips similar to things i've already tried without success.

    I have been trying to get Gta V Online to work as smooth as possible but have been stuck for some days trying to figure out how to configure pfsense to "Open NAT" within the game. A normal port-forward does not work, and after some googling i found out (actually on this forum) that pfsense's default behaviour is to randomize the source port for forwards, and this dont play very well with the game. So i tried to add the required ports as static for my gamingcomputer, first without any result. However for some strange reason, when i didn't specified any ports (aka set ALL ports to static for gamingcomputer) the game went from "Strict" to "Moderate" at least.

    So with this static rules in place i have tried to also do a port forward as usual, manually added firewall rules, tried UPnP etc but nothing at all seems to get the Nat type to show "Open" as i want and i fell that i'm stuck. I know that the problem is at my end and not isp since it works perfectly to play with "Open NAT" if connecting directly to my isp and not through pfsense.

    Thx in advance!

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