Recommended OpenVPN Setup for International Travel

  • Hi All, I know there are a lot of very knowledgeable people here, so I hope this question is OK for this forum since it relates to pfSense/OpenVPN usage.  If there is a better forum for me to ask, I'm open to input and apologize in advance.

    I'm hoping that someone who has a lot of experience with travel and the types of networks they encounter in hotels/airports etc. can make some recommendations as to the best configuration(s) [Ports/Protocol etc.] for my remote access VPN server to give me the best chance of getting a connection.

    I'm going to be going to Thailand and Taiwan, so if anyone has any specific knowledge of those areas (Airport and/or cell provider blocked ports etc.), that would also be great, but even general info from the well traveled (or those who provide tech support to the well traveled) would be much appreciated.

  • I don't know that there's an answer to that, other than watch out for the Great Firewall of China and making sure your home and VPN subnets don't collide with whatever is used in the hotel.  I've come across that one, without even leaving the country.  What you may have to do is determine whether encryption is allowed where you're going.  Some countries take a dim view of it.

  • Set up your OpenVPN server to listen on port 443 and connect via TCP.

    I've noticed a lot of free wifi hotspots block port 1194 and UDP connections on 443 (probably by way of only allowing DNS-53-TCP/UDP, HTTP-TCP, and HTTPS-443)

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