[$100] PAC WPAD Configurator

  • A simple package which would allow users to visually configure and enable PAC file WPAD usage on their pfSense machines.

    A page within the GUI that gives users a large blank textarea to paste in their PAC file.
    (With a handy link to http://home.thorsen.pm/proxyforurl and https://findproxyforurl.com/ so users can learn/test and validate on their own)

    An overall checkbox to enable/disable the WPAD functionality.
    (which would add/remove the appropriate DHCP options, and create/destroy the Host Overrides within their DNS forwarder/resolver)

    Finally the save and apply buttons would create the main PAC file and necessary symlinks.

    Bounty goes up to $250 if you create multiple textareas, one that encompasses each function a PAC file can provide. This way users can simply list each domain on a separate line and have the package programmatically generate the PAC file.

    An extra $50 to enable syncing everything.

  • It will never happen?

    :-\ :'(

  • Maybe this will help - clickety-click