Captive portal not updating specific bandwidth speed for client

  • good day to all pfsense users have you ever been experience the captive portal is not responding for the specific speed provided in the mac address tab? i have upgraded my pfsense to 2.4.1 and i saw that the speed is not accurate unlike the older version. was it caused by the ajax updates for 2.4 upgrades? how to overcome the said problem. thank you

  • I am having the same issue with pfsense 2.4.1

    Any advice?

  • Hi,

    I entered the MAC of my smartphone on the MAC tab, and set a 250 Kbit/sec up and down.
    Connected the phone to the captive portal, and did a speed test, using the app with the same name.
    248 Kbit / sec uo - 245 kBit / sec down.

    Btw : I'm using 2.4.1. packages : ACME / NUT / Avahi

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