2.4 & squidguard - blocking leaving google search but not direct?

  • Can't seem to figure this one out… I have 2.4 running with squid and squidguard, with safesearch enabled and in the rewrite rule set.  I am using Shalla's list for categories for my kids network, and have some categories set to deny, and those are working as I expect.

    However, I am seeing a very strange behavior when google searching.  After getting a set of results, and clicking on a link, squidguard is blocking going to a site.  The error page shows no category for the selected site.  More interestingly, if I just copy the link from google, and paste into a new tab, it does not get blocked.  It's like the redirect leaving google is getting blocked somehow.

    Any ideas?


  • Banned

    Google AMP - https://www.ampproject.org/ ? maybe

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