How to install and use oathtool (oath-toolkit) with pfsense OpenVPN client

  • Updated 2018-10: oathtool is a CLI tool that can be used to generate almost any kind of OTP tickets and is used for automating logins when the server asks for a OTP (usually as PIN+token as the password).

    I was able to successfully use it with OpenVPN on multiple platforms RHEL, Ubuntu, Tomato, MacOS (Viscosity) by using connection hooks (preconnect scripts). More details on my previous article on

    Now I am trying to do the same with pfsense and first surprise was that was not able to find it as part of the default available pkgs.

    For the moment I found a way to install oath tool on pfsense-2.4.4:

    # does anyone knows an alternative that does not break when new versions are released?
    pkg add 

    What should be done to make this a more permanent solution?

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