• Hi all!

    I have super weird case.

    I just migrated from physical to hyper-v.
    All OK, but one thing.

    I have DHCP and PPPoE WANs.
    After migration only PPPoE comes up.

    Now the funny part.
    I played and played A LOT and found out that if I stop NTOPNG service DHCP WAN starts to report loss and goes offline. When I start ntopng WAN DHCP comes back online.
    If I uninstall ntopng WAN DHCP stays offline until I reinstall it and start the service.

    WTH is going on?
    I would appreciate any helpful advice on this one!

    OK nevermind above :)
    I have MAC cloning and it only works if I put NIC in promisc mode. If nic not in promisc it is not working at all.

    Huh, what now?

  • Fixed by setting fixed MAC on Hyper-v NIC setting.

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