PfSense + NordVPN Issues

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to tunnel a NordVPN connection directly to a particular subnet (ESXi subnet) within my LAN. This subnet takes a VLAN from PfSense through a Cisco 3560.  Everything on this network functions correctly, except for this tunnel. I've followed the directions provided by NordVPN on their website here:

    Here is a picture of my network:

    The port on the ISP router / modem that my pfSense box is connected to is configured to act as a DMZ, allowing all traffic both ways on just that individual port.

    The status for the NordVPN connection is showing up:

    I am wondering if perhaps there is a configuration issue between the tunnel interface itself and not correctly routing to the ESXi subnet, would the fact that the ESXi subnet runs off a VLAN interface from pfSense require additional configuration to work correctly? I've searched and searched on these forums for any similar issues but to no avail. Any help is much appreciated.

  • Im doing something similar to this. Have you created your VLAN and the VPN interfaces in PFSense? After you do that its as easy as setting up your NAT rules. Also make sure to set up the DNS resolver for the DNS queries. At least that's what Im doingish. Im still fairly feet wet myself when it comes to PFSense.

  • Yes, I have created VLAN interfaces for the corresponding subnets and I have created an interface for my VPN. DNS resolver is setup to do all DNS queries through NordVPN's DNS. Everything works correctly except the subnet which I've designated to route through the VPN via NAT. It cannot leave my LAN.

    These are my NAT settings:

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