6to4 tunnel lan dhcp static mapping confusion

  • my isp started using 6to4 tunnel over ipv4 pppoe so i wanted to try this in pfsense, being a beginner in ipv6 i fail to understand one thing or maybe something i have configured something wrong.

    my isp gives out the below ip, at least thats what the interface page says (xxxx = masked bits)

    IPv6 Address - 2002:xxxx:b185::
    Subnet mask IPv6 - 16
    Gateway IPv6 - 2002:xxxx:6301::

    the wan interface ipv6 config type is set to 6to4 tunnel and the lan set to track wan interface with prefix id 0, so far this is all fine, im able to ping firewall from outside using ipv6 and some firewall rules. Problem is the DHCPv6 Server and RA. i have the set the below in dhcp server

    Subnet - Prefix Delegation
    Subnet Mask - 64 bits
    Available Range - :: to ::ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff
    From - ::0:0:0:0
    To - ::0:0:0:ffff

    the lan clients get proper ipv6 using dhcp and they r able to surf ipv6 sites also but suppose i want to add static dhcp mappings then suppose if the wan disconnects and reconnects and gets a new ipv6 ip then the lan clients ip dont get modified with the  new Prefix Delegation subnet appended at the start.

    does this mean i need to use a dhcp pool only for lan clients and cant set static ip mappings or is it that the ipv6 address needs to be typed in a special format so the network id etc get auto added when it changes?

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