WebGUI/SSH not responding

  • Hi All,

    I have just updated my ALU2 device to the latest 2.4.1-RELEASE. This is the list of packages/features installed in my pc engines:

    1. Snort
    2. Squid (ClamAV, SSL filtering)
    3. Beats
    4. Enabled remote Syslog

    After few seconds/minutes that pfsense is booting up, the WebGUI is not responding however the regular users behind the pfsense are not impacted as they can still use internet regularly.
    Also SSH is not accessible. Further, I have noticed that I am not able to access the page (Status->System Logs->Settings) since the beginning, just after pfsense boots up while the rest of the pages are ok.


  • I have a basic configuration, and im sufferin the same issue. I've installed 2.4.0, yesterday upgraded to 2.4.1 and suddenly i cannot access trough WebGUI or SSH, but internet and the services are working ok.

    After reboot i can access with both WebGUI and SSH for a while. A few hours later the behaviour repeats.

  • I have a Netgate SG-2220 and have the same issue with the GUI (but I can ssh in).  I can log in to the Gui and the page begins to populate but the menus don't work and some of the widgets aren't work.  Traffic, however is passing.  I have tried restarting pfsense, restarting the webconfigurator and applied the last update to 2.4.2 to no effect.

  • I'm experiencing the same issue with 2.4.2
    I upgraded to 2.4.2 last night and installed snort, when I click to view the snort alerts the gui freezes and i'm unable to ssh in.
    I have to hard reboot the device then it is fine until I do the same thing, which will lock it up each time. I have uninstalled snort to see it it makes a difference.

  • I've the same problem (using 2.4.2).
    I experience the error daily, the web interface isn't avaliable and I don't lose the internet connection. Some services become not availiable (OpenVPN), and the only solution is to hard reboot the machine.
    Even the local console (ssh too) is not responding, just a:
    Pfsense -
    prompt is displayed.
    In the previous version (2.3.X), the local console was availiable when this happened, the workaround was to restart the php-fpm procces (option 16 iirc), via local console or ssh, and the web gui and openvpn were online again.

    I have suricata installed, but not configured and not started, just installed.

    Hope a solution is found to this problem, or at least a workaround. I think that a hard reboot, soon or later, will corrupt my pfsense installation.


  • After uninstalling Snort the issue has gone away for me.