PfSense Xenserver Virtualization

  • Hello, I'm new to pfSense and I have a question,
    I installed pfSense 2.3.4 on a virtualized server with Xenserver, the server has two WAN / LAN network cards and two virtualized systems, Windows 2003 and CentOS. After installing and configuring the PF, all the computers on the network and Centos on the same server were able to surf the internet … Now the Windows server says it is connected, it dumps any website but it does not surf at all .. It is not possible to use Windows chatting directly with the PF? (The only difference from the virtual windows server to the other machines that work is a switch in the middle of the path)

  • did you disable Hardware Checksum Offloading

  • this is a common issue, you need to follow this post, dont uncheck anything in pfsense itself

  • Hi.
    In a past I'm using Xen as hypervisor too. But Proxmox VE (kvm hypervisor) more and more better.

    P.s. Even Amazon migrate to KVM.

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