ACME Provider and Route 53 - doesn't ask for Zone ID

  • Hi There,

    In the ACME package when you select Route53, it prompts for the API ID (which is the AWS Access Key ID) and the API Key (which is the AWS secret key), but it does not ask for the Zone ID.

    In the Dynamic DNS it asks for all three and works well.

    Initially when I asked for the certificate it actually created the cert, but it did not create the DNS entry. I'm guessing this is expected/acceptable behavior? I still need to use Dynamic DNS to create the DNS entry?

    Would be grateful for an explanation.

    With regards,


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    ACME only updates TXT records, it has nothing to do with dynamic DNS for regular A/AAAA records. The package does not share any code or functionality with dynamic DNS in the base system.

    The ACME package only asks for what the dnsapi script for Route53 wants ( and that is only the AWS Access Key ID and secret.

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