FTP Client Proxy active vs passive mode

  • Hello,

    For what I have read here https://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=137847.msg753975#msg753975 , the FTP Client Proxy should only work in ACTIVE mode in a locked outbound traffic interface. By locked, I mean there is no "LAN net" to "ANY *" rule, but instead some specific rules to control outbound traffic, like "LAN net" to "ANY" on ports 21, 80, 443, …

    With my first tries with the FTP Client Proxy Package, FTP connections does not work in ACTIVE mode, but works great in PASSIVE mode.

    At least it's working, but maybe I missed something... so I would prefer understand.

    Is the FTP Client Package supposed to work with active or passive connections ? Or both ?

    Thank you !

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