(SOLVED) Cannot open port to OpenVPN server

  • Hello guys,

    I am trying to set an OpenVPN server in pfsense who is installed in a Virtual Machine, where I am using just DHCP and DNS Resolver servers, and now I am trying to set OpenVPN server, but seems like my server doesnt want to be open.

    I have set this VM to used network as bridged, and in promiscous mode allowing all.

    From pfsense all seems fine, on OpenVPN logs, the socket is open, but when I do port scan to that port, from a LAN ip, it shows to be filtered. I am using Zenmap who uses NMAP.

    Just HTTP and HTTPS are open.

    I have set already two OpenVPN servers one in a box and another in another VM, but right now I am not seeing what I am missing here.

    If you need more information I can provide.

  • Damn I totally forgot to add rules on the only interface firewall that I had to let users use that OpenVPN like I have done with 53 port from DNS Resolver.

    Thanks anyway.

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