Gateway Groups Switching

  • Hi,

    When using OpenVPN using Gateway Groups where you have a tiered service, OpenVPN correctly establishes using Tier 1, then drops to Tier 2 as the Tier 1 gateway fails. However, if the Tier 1 gateway then comes back it does not switch automatically back to the Tier 1 GW unless the Tier 2 GW fails.

    This is not the outcome we require as the Tier 2 connection is more costly and slower hence we need to switch straight back.

    As a workaround I am looking at using a Cron based check to see if the Tier 1 link is up but the VPN connection is going via Tier 2 or 3 then kill the VPN and let it re-establish.

    Currently however, I have the cron installed but can not seem to be able to kill the OpenVPN client connection. (this is the client end with multiple GW's)

    Any idea a) how to kill the VPN or b) fix the gateways to fail back up wards.

    On the gateways it does look like new connections do honour the correct routing it appears however, that nothing is poking OpenVPN to tell it a better route is now available.


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