Authenticate/Decrypt packet error: PIA, 2.4.1

  • Hi all,

    Just a quick question. My openvpn logs are being spammed with```
    Nov 6 19:14:04 openvpn 15702 Authenticate/Decrypt packet error: bad packet ID (may be a replay): [ #165024 ] -- see the man page entry for --no-replay and --replay-window for more info or silence this warning with --mute-replay-warnings

    I am not sure what this means. I have looked it up on both PIA forums and Pfsense forums some people say ignore others say it's an attack?
    When using the windows PIA cliet I get around 80/30 but when using the pfsense openvpn I get 30/10, is this something to do with above?
    I am on verbos level 3.
    If you need any more info just ask :)
    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Are yo using a tcp or udp connection?

    You will not get full speeds unless you use udp

  • I am using UDP, currently I have disabled the vpn and am using the windows client.

    Would really like to use pfsense as I have more than one machine that I would like to vpn.

    As I said above if anyone needs any more info just ask.

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