How to Implement WPAD on multiple LAN

  • Hi members,

    i have several VLANs on my network, how do i create and implement the WPAD on pfsense for all VLANs..


  • I did this as follows (short version):

    • I have squid running on pfSense.
    • I deployed a wpad.dat in /usr/local/www/ (and added links from wpad.da and proxy.pac to it). This wpad.dat checks the network the requesting client is located in and returns an appropriate address for the proxy server.
    • In the DHCP server I have assigned domain names to the networks. Also I have configured option 252 in the DHSP Server to point to the wpad.dat file in each network.
    • In the DNS Forwarder I have configured wpad. <local domain)="">to point to the corresponding default gateway in each network.

    Is this what you were requesting?


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