Default blocked ports ?

  • Hi,
    I am trying to setup a PF 2.4.0 instance, and I experience something strange : I wanted to try ClamAV plugin and saw in the logs it was unable to retrieve the database.
    So I decided to have a closer look a this, and the problem in fact is that it can't connect to port 80 on any other server. But with other ports, like 443 for webservers it is fine.

    I shut down the PF machine and gave the same address to a freshly booted SystemRescueCd : no problem to reach these ports (I use telnet to check this)

    But I can't see anything in the logs, I even disabled all the packet filtering/nat without any success. A packet capture just shows "tcp 0". I can't see any rule blocking this traffic, but maybe there is someting "hidden" I am not aware of ?

    Any idea ?


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