Auth refresh?

  • ok… I know that radius servers have the option to recheck the authentication every minute.... is this also possible using the local user manager?

  • It's not really relevant because when you change a users password in the local user, they will automatically be sent back to the captive page anyway. The re-authenticate option is just for pfSense to send those cached credentials every minute to the radius server to make sure that the user still has access in case of policy changes or password changes.

  • ok. Well when i delete a user or change their password it dosent cause them to stop getting internet. The thing is, my business sells hours of internet in the store. Most people pay for all day access but the ones that dont think that they dont have to if we dont notice. usually we just fus and fuss…. now we want to just shut them off from the captive portal. How can that be accomplished

  • You could go to the status page for the captive portal and just drop the session after you've changed the password.

  • thank you so much… that is exactly what we needed. btw... do you know if it is possible to add expiration time to the local users? or is this a feature in 2.0?  like user chris 's connection expires at 11am on December 10th 2008

  • I don't think there is a fine grained expiration like that, but another option is to set that hard time out option to whatever standard amount of time you sell the internet for. This will force all clients to re-authenticate that many minutes after their original authentication.

  • you can try install freeradius package and set the captive portal to authenticate user using that radius server. Freeradius package has Expiration-date module.

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