Find out how much bandwidth a device uses in a day

  • Hi

    I have ntopng installed on my pfSense box.
    Is there any way I can see how much bandwidth a device uses in a day, ideally via it's IP Address ?

    I'd like to find out how much total bandwidth in & out a specific device is using.

    Is that possible ?

  • Have you looked at BandwidthD.  It's interface is a bit antiquated looking but it does EXACTLY what you're asking.

  • I did install this, ran it for 24 hours and it displayed nothing.

    I assume I set it up wrong. Any guides on how to configure it ?


  • Interesting.

    There really shouldn't be too much to it.  I've run it on old 2.x setups and recently set it up again on 2.4.1

    Here are my settings:

    Enable BandwidthD should be selected

    BandwidthD Interface: LAN
    Subnets for Statistics Collection:  Select ALL interfaces (hold down CTRL and click) except your CARP/SYNC interface
    Extra Subnets for Statistics Collection:  (Enter other subnets as needed) I have one other.
    Promiscuous Mode:  Unchecked
    SensorID:  <make up="" a="" name="" of="" your="" choosing="">Draw Graphs:  Checked
    Meta REfresh: <default>Skip Intervals <default>Graph Cutoff: <default>Output to CDF: Unchecked
    Recover CDF:  Unchecked
    Graph and Log Info:  <informational>PostgreSQL Options (All Blank and Unchecked).</informational></default></default></default></make>

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