Roadwarrior and split tunneling

  • Hello,

    I thought that split tunneling is the "default" for an OpenVPN roadwarrior setup as the option "Redirect gateway" is not normally checked (described for example here: - for a complete tunneling of all traffic you are supposed to set the option)

    But although in my setup this option is not set, all traffic is routed through the tunnel. I checked this by opening an ip showing website - there I do not see my local ISPs IP as expected but that one of the endpoint of the tunnel.

    Under "IPv4 Local network(s)" I have just set some local networks which are configured on the server (,, Those networks I can, as expected, reach through the tunnel.

    What did I miss or misconfigure? Thanks!

  • So you say, you have to default route on the client pointing to the vpn server?
    Check the clients routing table to ensure.

    The routing can also be overridden by the client settings. Which client do you use? Have you exported the settings from the pfSense running the server?

  • Yes, after activating the OpenVPN connection the default gateway points into the tunnel.

    I use openSUSE Tumbleweed with OpenVPN 2.4.2 and NetworkManager 1.8.2. I have exported the zip-file from the server and used that one to setup the connection (to circumvent this problem:

  • If you haven't set the default route manually in NetworkManager it must be pushed by the server.
    So please post the server configuration and the clients routing table.

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