Add AP in LAN port of PFSense (only for internet access)

  • Hi everyone, I have a box with 6 ETH ports, 1 WAN, 1 DMZ and 4 LANs. My connections is ISP Switch connect in WAN port (my internet access), one of the LAN ports connect in switch for LAN. Now I need to connect a AP just for internet access. I don’t need internal (LAN) access. I connect my AP in one LAN port and named it  for WIFI. But how can I configure this port and the AP to access internet? My AP can be the DHCP server for WiFi Net or can be PFSense… doesn’t matter, but I prefer PFSense as DHCP Server for my WIFI network. I try to do a bridge between WIFI and WAN, but when I configure the WIFI port with my second valid IP address (internet IP) an error: IPv4 address XXX.YYY.ZZZ.234/29 is being used by or overlaps with: WAN (XXX.YYY.ZZZ.235/29). What I am doing wrong?

    Live long and prosper,
    Marcelo Magalhães

  • Rebel Alliance

    Dude this is just like any other opt interface.

    Give it a network, setup dhcp.  Setup the firewall rules you want on the optX interface you create… Done…  It is that simple… Unless you have turned off automatic outbound nat.


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