SquidGuard redirect URL to DNS name vs IP?

  • Hi There,

    When I hit something blocked by SquidGuard it redirects to https://<ip of="" the="" pfsense="" box="">/ <notification url="">This throws an SSL warning of course.

    I have a valid SSL on https:// <dns name="" of="" pfsense="" box="">If I manually change <ip address="" of="" the="" pfsense="" box="">for <dns name="" of="" the="" pfsense="" box="">I get a nice clean non-ssl errored notification page.

    How do I force SquidGuard to use its redirect to DNS name rather than IP address?

    Thanks in advance!</dns></ip></dns></notification></ip>

  • Nevermind, answered my own question.

    I set redirect mode to ext url move (enter URL)

    And in the Redirect info field, I entered:

    https://<fqdn of="" my="" firewall="">/sgerror.php?url=403%20&a=%a&n=%n&i=%i&s=%s&t=%t&u=%u

    Works perfectly! Hopefully that's useful to someone else too.</fqdn>

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