Open VPN Setup question

  • Hi,

    Newbie on PfSense and need a couple of suggestions ;o)

    I have (kind of) successfully setup Open VPN on PfSense but am having 2 issues:

    1. After a while (unable to be more precise) my Open VPN connection stops working. After exporting the config out of Open VPN again and installing it on Tunnelblick everything starts working again. Almost feels like their is an expiry on the config?

    2. I'm unable to browse the internet while connected to OpenVPN.

    Tks very much in advance for your suggestions ;o)

  • For your first issue check the OpenVPN server log for hints. But I don't think, that this is on pfSense.

    For the internet access, you have to decide if you want to route the traffic over the vpn or access it directly.
    I assume you don't want to go over vpn, so go to the server settings and uncheck "Redirect gateway".
    If you provide a DNS server you must ensure that it resolves public host names.

  • Try adding this line to Advanced VPN > Server config directives;

    push "route-metric 1000"

    And save settings and update running servers. Undo the change you made to your wifi interface and try connecting and see what happens.

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