OpenVPN on pfSense in Azure NATing issue

  • I am using pfSense in the Azure cloud and trying to get OpenVPN setup properly. I have a server configured and am able to connect but when accessing internal resources, the source address shows the WAN interface of the pfSense box. In order for audit tracking to work properly, I need the source address to appear as the address assigned to the client VPN interface.


    | Type | Interface | Assigned IP | Notes |
    | WAN | INT0 | | public IP is NAT'd to her from Azure |
    | LAN | INT1 | | |
    | OPENVPN | ovpns1() | | |

    I have tried NAT the source subnet ( on the OPENVPN interface using the interface IP (most forums say this should work) but no change. I have set the outbound rules to manual and changed the rules with the openvpn subnet to ANY other interface and as a result, I can only ping interfaces on the router, nothing internal.

    I am not new to pfSense itself but I am new to using it in an environment like Azure. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am also comfortable with shell so if there is a manual solution outside of the GUI, I am all ears.


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    Any thoughts?

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